Managing Digestive Disorders
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Managing Digestive Disorders

My name is Lilith Maclin and if you suffer from a digestive disorder, you can find a wealth of information about this type of medical condition in my blog. Three years ago, my husband was having severe stomach cramps and his doctor told him that he had a digestive disorder called ulcerative colitis. After my husband was diagnosed, I did thorough research to learn how to control and manage this disorder. We kept track of everything that my husband ate and when a certain food caused a flare-up of his condition, he eliminated that food from his diet. By learning all we could about this digestive disorder, my husband has been able to live pain free. If you want more information about this disorder and how to manage it, you can find it here by reading my blog.

Managing Digestive Disorders

3 Tips For Successful Head Lice Treatment

Louella Davidson

It is safe to say that most people who get head lice don't mean to get it and most definitely want to get rid of the lice as soon as possible, Thankfully there are several treatments out there that can kill the lice quite effectively. This article will discuss three tips for successful head lice treatment. 

Clean Everything That Could've Come In Contact With Lice 

Lice aren't just going to stay put in your hair or the person's hair who has head lice, but they are instead going to travel around and get on the objects that they come in contact with. Because of this, it is super important that you take the time to clean all of the items that could have lice on them. This includes things like clothing, bedding, hats, toys, furniture, etc. A great way to kill head lice on materials is to place it in the dryer so that the heat can kill all of the head lice that may be on them. You may even want to throw some items out if you can't properly clean them because you will risk the head lice living on and spreading again. 

Check Everyone In The Family For Lice 

If someone in the family has been diagnosed with having head lice, there is a good chance that more members of the family may have head lice as well. Lice can survive the water from swimming and showering. They are also able to jump from person to person. Because of this, it is crucial that you check all of the family members in the house for head lice.That way you can all be treated at one time, rather than risking keeping the head lice in your house in another family member's hair. 

Treat Multiple Times

Just to make sure that all of the head lice are in fact dead, it is a good idea to treat those who have head lice two times. You can complete the first treatment and then wait a few days before beginning the second one. This gives all of the head lice ample time to die and also allows you to check the person's hair to see if you can see if any remain. However, even if you don't find any head lice, you should still treat them for a second time just to be safe. If for some reason or another you still can't get rid of the head lice after two full treatments, then you will want to consider switching to a different type of treatment.