Managing Digestive Disorders
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Managing Digestive Disorders

My name is Lilith Maclin and if you suffer from a digestive disorder, you can find a wealth of information about this type of medical condition in my blog. Three years ago, my husband was having severe stomach cramps and his doctor told him that he had a digestive disorder called ulcerative colitis. After my husband was diagnosed, I did thorough research to learn how to control and manage this disorder. We kept track of everything that my husband ate and when a certain food caused a flare-up of his condition, he eliminated that food from his diet. By learning all we could about this digestive disorder, my husband has been able to live pain free. If you want more information about this disorder and how to manage it, you can find it here by reading my blog.

Managing Digestive Disorders

Children And Posture: How Slumping Can Be Harmful To Kids

Louella Davidson

Have you noticed that your child has begun to have bad posture? Children with poor posture often are slumping over a book, computer, or device. This can cause a number of issues that can cause long-term problems. If left untreated, bad posture can extend into adulthood, causing lifelong pain. The following are some important reasons to pay attention to your child's posture:

Shaping the Spine

As your child grows, their spine is taking shape. The natural S-curve to the spine can begin to change shape if a child has continually bad posture. The vertebrae can become misaligned, causing subluxations. This can cause the blood vessels to become constricted and restrict nerve endings. This can cut off the nutrient and oxygen supply to their muscles.

Organ Protection

The body's skeletal structure serves many important purposes. Arguably the most important would be to serve as protection for vital internal organs. If the child begins to have bad posture, the spine begins to endure stress, which can have an adverse effect on the organs.

Neck and Back Pain

A spine that is not properly aligned can put additional stress on the muscles surrounding it. As this stress continues, your child could endure chronic neck and back pain. Your child will them try to overcompensate by using other parts of the body, which can lead to even more pain down the road.

How To Correct Your Child's Posture

One of the best ways to correct your child's posture is to prevent as many opportunities as possible for poor posture. Many children begin having bad posture when they begin using computers and game consoles. Try to limit the amount of time they spend on those devices. Come up with other activities they will enjoy, such as playing outside, doing crafts, or taking up a sport. You can still allow gaming and computer activities, but limiting them can have a positive impact on your child's posture.

You can also take your child to a pediatric chiropractor. He or she will know exactly what to look for when checking your child's spine. Some adjustments may be necessary to correct the alignment and prevent any long-term pain that can be caused by bad posture.

Above all, simply be an encouragement to your child. When you notice he or she is using bad posture, gently remind them to sit up straight and walk tall. You will not be able to completely control how they sit and stand, but taking a proactive role and gentle encouragement can go a long way. For more information, check out websites like