Managing Digestive Disorders
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Managing Digestive Disorders

My name is Lilith Maclin and if you suffer from a digestive disorder, you can find a wealth of information about this type of medical condition in my blog. Three years ago, my husband was having severe stomach cramps and his doctor told him that he had a digestive disorder called ulcerative colitis. After my husband was diagnosed, I did thorough research to learn how to control and manage this disorder. We kept track of everything that my husband ate and when a certain food caused a flare-up of his condition, he eliminated that food from his diet. By learning all we could about this digestive disorder, my husband has been able to live pain free. If you want more information about this disorder and how to manage it, you can find it here by reading my blog.

Managing Digestive Disorders

Three Things You Should Know About A New Way Of Losing Your Stubborn Fat

Louella Davidson

If you have tried to lose weight, one thing you may have discovered is there is a certain amount of fat that is very difficult to get rid of. With all of the diet and exercise you attempt, certain areas of your body seem immune to weight loss. Often called stubborn fat, there is now a way to help get rid of these bulging areas on your body. Known as fat freezing or CoolSculpting, this procedure has been helpful to many people. However, there are a few things you need to know.

It is not meant to be used for weight loss

This procedure is for stubborn areas only. Before you begin to explore the possibilities of fat freezing, you need to lose weight. You must first use a weight loss program or a diet that helps you lose your extra fat. This will likely not be enough. This is why exercise is important. An exercise program can help shed pounds that dieting alone may not do. But at this point, there may be some fat that will not go away, and this is when you should consider this procedure.

It can only be used on specific areas

The Food and Drug Administration has only approved this treatment for certain areas of the body. Fortunately, it is in those areas where the fat is most difficult to lose. You may already be familiar with some of these areas. The buttocks, the area under the buttocks, and the thighs are places below the waist. The stomach and the flanks in the middle of your body are often a problem. Also the area under the chin and jawline can be addressed with this procedure. A consultation with a cosmetic doctor can let you know what the possibilities are for your body.

It is a simple process

It is an inpatient procedure that involves an applicator placed over the entire fat bulge, and then the area is frozen. Although the process can be described as painless, many people will feel a mild discomfort in the form of pinching or a mild cramping. And of course, there will be an extreme cold feeling that can produce tingling or a numbing sensation. Afterwards, there can be some bruising or swelling. The entire process takes a little more than a half an hour. You should also know that you will not see results for several weeks, and the results, although showing reduced fat, will be incomplete. More than one application will be needed.

Whether you are a candidate, and how much success you can anticipate if you are a candidate, can be discovered with a consultation with a cosmetic doctor that offers this procedure.