Managing Digestive Disorders
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Managing Digestive Disorders

My name is Lilith Maclin and if you suffer from a digestive disorder, you can find a wealth of information about this type of medical condition in my blog. Three years ago, my husband was having severe stomach cramps and his doctor told him that he had a digestive disorder called ulcerative colitis. After my husband was diagnosed, I did thorough research to learn how to control and manage this disorder. We kept track of everything that my husband ate and when a certain food caused a flare-up of his condition, he eliminated that food from his diet. By learning all we could about this digestive disorder, my husband has been able to live pain free. If you want more information about this disorder and how to manage it, you can find it here by reading my blog.

Managing Digestive Disorders

What To Expect After A Tummy Tuck Surgery

Louella Davidson

A tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery in which the skin and some of the fat in the abdomen are surgically removed. This is a surgery that can help contour the body to give you the shape you desire. This is usually a surgery for those that have lost a lot of weight and are trying to remove a little bit of the excess that still remains, such as the extra skin on the body. It is a major surgery that will require quite a bit of recovery afterward. If you are looking to get a tummy tuck, you need to be aware of the recovery time and what you should expect. Read on for what to expect after your surgery.

You Will Be Unable To Lift

You are not going to be able to lift anything for a few weeks afterward. Your surgeon will let you know the exact time frame, but if you are not able to lift, this means you are going to have a difficult time doing everyday things such as laundry or carrying in the groceries. You may also have a hard time if you have smaller children that need to be lifted up and out of their crib or in and out of the car and into their seats.

You May Have A Surgical Drain

You are more than likely going to have a surgical drain after your surgery to allow for extra blood and any other drainage to come out of the surgical site. The surgical drain is going to need to be cleaned and kept dry to prevent infection. If you notice any issues from the drain line, or you see redness or irritation around the site of the drain line, you need to let the surgeon know and have it inspected, cleaned, and treated before you end up with a severe infection.

You Will Need Help

For several days after your surgery, you may not feel up to doing quite a bit of your everyday things, including cooking for yourself or even bathing. Driving may not be allowed for a few weeks after your surgery as well. You are going to need to have help around your home and with everyday things. Be sure you have someone in place beforehand to help you with these and other tasks.

If you are going to have a tummy tuck surgery, you need to know what to expect. Talk to your surgeon about what else to expect with your tummy tuck surgery so you are informed ahead of time.

Contact your doctor for more information about tummy tuck surgery