Managing Digestive Disorders
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Managing Digestive Disorders

My name is Lilith Maclin and if you suffer from a digestive disorder, you can find a wealth of information about this type of medical condition in my blog. Three years ago, my husband was having severe stomach cramps and his doctor told him that he had a digestive disorder called ulcerative colitis. After my husband was diagnosed, I did thorough research to learn how to control and manage this disorder. We kept track of everything that my husband ate and when a certain food caused a flare-up of his condition, he eliminated that food from his diet. By learning all we could about this digestive disorder, my husband has been able to live pain free. If you want more information about this disorder and how to manage it, you can find it here by reading my blog.

Managing Digestive Disorders

Ideal Gifts To Encourage Someone Who Has Just Gotten Hearing Aids

Louella Davidson

When someone close to you has been suffering from hearing loss and decides to take ownership over the situation by visiting a hearing specialist and getting hearing aids, it's a cause that is worth celebrating. It might take the person a little time to get used to these new accessories, but his or her quality of life will hopefully be augmented instantly. You can join in the celebratory occasion by presenting the person with one or more gifts the first time you see him or her after the visit to the hearing center. Here are some gift ideas that you can consider buying.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

It will be important for the new hearing aid wearer to clean his or her hearing aids regularly to ensure that the work properly and also fit comfortably. One of the best ways to do so is by placing them inside an ultrasonic cleaner. This tool uses sound waves to loosen dirt, grease, and other grime that can get coated on the exterior of the hearing aids, which allows them to be cleaned easily and without risk of damaging the devices. As an added bonus, the person will also be able to use this cleaner to clean eyeglasses, jewelry and many other personal items.

Spare Batteries

A gift of a few packages of spare hearing aid batteries will make your family member or friend's life easier. When his or her hearing aid batteries begin to falter, he or she will simply need to reach for your gift, rather than make an emergency visit to the nearest pharmacy or grocery store. A hearing aid wearer can never have too many spare batteries; he or she can keep a package in several locations, including at home, in her purse or in the glove compartment of his or her car.

Hearing Aid Covers

There are a number of different styles of hearing aid covers that the person will likely appreciate. A common type is essentially a small, fabric pouch that the outer part of the hearing aid can slide into. This will protect it from getting wet if the person is outside in inclement weather or from sweat if the person is an avid athlete. These covers are available in several colors, so you can get a color close to the person's skin or hair tone for matching purposes, or look for a bright, vibrant color to match the person's personality.

For more information about hearing aids, contact Melnick, Moffitt & Mesaros ENT Associates or a similar location.